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Voice Apps

Most presets have a voice feature that can be enabled on in the project settings:
Turning Voice ON in Settings
Glowbom spoken voice apps now support English (American, Australian, and British accents), Spanish (Spanish, Mexican, and American accents), French (French and Canadian accents), German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and Dutch.
You can add languages or accents to your chatbot or quiz:
The voice app will read the text with pointed accent.
This is the full list of supported languages and accents:
  • American English - en-US
  • Australian English - en-AU
  • British English - en-GB
  • Spanish - es-ES
  • American Spanish - es-US
  • Mexican Spanish - es-MX
  • French - fr-FR
  • Canadian French - fr-CA
  • Russian - ru-RU
  • Italian - it-IT
  • German - de-DE
  • Portuguese - pt-PT
  • Dutch - nl-NL
Voice features are great for language learning apps. Here are a few examples: