SwiftUI (Apple Watch)

How to run your quiz on Apple Watch

In order to run your app on an Apple Watch, you'll need to have Xcode installed.

Enter edit mode in the quiz creation area by clicking the pencil icon at the top center of the page. When in edit mode click the "Export" button on the bottom right of the screen. The export button will display a success box which will toggle choices of which platform you can download for. In this case, choose SwiftUI (iOS).

An Xcode project and .glowbom file containing quiz information will be downloaded to your device. Make sure the file name in the "JSONFetcher" class's "loadData()" function matches the .glowbom file name you just downloaded.

Note that you may need to add the newly downloaded data file (.glowbom) to the QuizWatchApp target. To do this, when "quiz.glowbom" (or whatever you renamed it to) is selected, make sure the "QuizWatchApp WatchKit Extension" has a blue checkmark to the left of it in the right panel under "Target Membership". Otherwise the watch app will not be able to read this file.

Check out the video below and please let us know if you have any questions!

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